4Data Solutions has partnered with Centripetal to take its CLEANInternet® product to market, initially in the UK.

The cybersecurity landscape is crowded with similar but different technologies, making it difficult for businesses to make the best choices. The escalating pace and complexity of AI-driven threats demand a shift in industry focus towards proactive defence measures. With the rapid decrease in the time it takes for threats to infiltrate systems, the efficacy of Detect and Respond technologies is being called into question.

Ransomware perpetrators are exploiting this accelerated tempo, swiftly encrypting and exfiltrating data before detection. To counteract this trend, the next generation of cybersecurity solutions must harness threat intelligence, leveraging the collective knowledge of the industry to fortify network defences. One such solution which offers a genuinely new perspective is CLEANInternet® from Centripetal.

Operationalising the largest global collection of threat intelligence in real-time to protect businesses from every known cyber threat, CLEANInternet® provides the fastest packet filtering patented technology on the market to deliver robust security at scale.

This means that small to medium sized companies with limited budgets and tough decisions to make about where to spend their cybersecurity budget can now block all known threats at the perimeter and achieve unparalleled protection.

Additionally, for larger companies facing the arduous tasks of vulnerability patch management, threat intelligence analysis, alert fatigue and the continuous race against cyber threat actors, CLEANInternet® offers a substantial advantage.

By leveraging hundreds of millions of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to filter traffic at packet speed, CLEANInternet® significantly moves the needle on from next-generation firewalls. This approach not only supplements your cybersecurity measures; it also transforms them by ensuring that potential threats are identified and mitigated before they can penetrate your defences, allowing your downstream tools and staff to take a breath.

Prevention is always better than cure. CLEANInternet® not only represents an addition to your cybersecurity arsenal, but also a strategic investment in a more secure future.

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