Data will continue to grow at a rapid pace, and technology solutions are evolving at speed. If you are questioning the ever-burgeoning costs associated with data analytics and wondering whether you actually need all the gold-standard solution bells and whistles, then Axiom from 4Data may be worth a look.

Fast, scalable and affordable next-gen data analytics from Axiom

While gold-standard data analytics platforms like Splunk allow you to collect any source, feed any use case and answer any question of your data, the fact is that technology solutions are evolving rapidly; data continues to grow, as do the associated licence, storage and infrastructure costs.

Adding a data stream processor like Cribl can considerably reduce data and route it to multiple platforms or more cost-effective storage, but organisations are still faced with substantial costs.

Stop sampling,
observe every event.

Introducing Axiom

In short, Axiom brings you fast, scalable and affordable next-gen data analytics.

Whereas up until now, you could reduce, store, analyse and route your data using a mix of on-prem and non-cloud-native technologies, Axiom now presents a single cloud-native solution that allows you to ingest, route, transform, analyse and store your data long term, with the ability to search/query any part of that data in an instant.

You can now stop sampling and observe every event – 100% of your data for every possible need: o11y, security, analytics and new insights.

Axiom – A Unique Data Store

Built from first-principles


Send Everything

  • No sampling
  • No schemas
  • No indexes



Retain Long Term

  • Object storage only
  • Industry-leading compression
  • No storage-tiering



Query Anytime

  • No cold, hot or archived data
  • No provisioned queries
  • Schema-on-read


Axiom is a cloud-native technology that uses only object storage at a fraction of the cost of a fast SSD. It is also a serverless technology, meaning that there are none of the costs associated with the compute element.

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  • Solution Benefits
  • EServerless technology – cut infrastructure costs
  • EExclusively object storage – cut costly fast storage
  • ECloud native
  • EBuilt based on Kristo query language – the basis of Microsoft Sentinel