We partner with C3M to offer Unified Multi-Cloud Security Management. Using cloud-native technology we provide a central view of your cloud estate.

Unified Multi-Cloud Security Management

Using cloud-native technology from C3M we provide you with a central view of the cloud estate.

A practical approach to multi-cloud security should cover and unify Gartner’s four cloud security pillars – Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM), Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP) and Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) – to provide a complete security solution.

Prioritize high-risk alerts
and Identify high-impact
resources in real time.


Cloud Security
Posture Assessment

We offer an instant, automated assessment of your cloud infrastructure providing you with complete visibility across the multi-cloud and recommendations on how to resolve issues.

The assessment provides a snapshot of your cloud security posture by itemizing cloud assets, searching for instances of misconfiguration or non-compliance with industry standards.


C3M Cloud Control

While the assessment provides a moment in time snapshot of your cloud security posture, C3M Cloud Control offers complete cloud control ongoing, through actionable and contextual cloud security intelligence right across AWS, GCP and Azure. The platform is based upon CSPM but also Cloud Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (Cloud SOAR), unifying cloud security operations and management.


C3M Access Control

C3M Access Control is a cloud and entitlements governance platform that addresses IAM (Identity and Access Management) issues by providing a unified view of identities (human and non-human). The platform assesses, detects and prevents instances of misconfiguration, preventing privilege creep and the exploit of credentials by enforcing the concept of least privilege. Access control can automate incident response and remediation (when used with Playbooks – link Playbooks to cloud control blog).

Matrix of 4Data Cloud Solutions

Attributes/C3M Solution

Cloud Security Posture Assessment (Service)
Cloud Control

Access Control




What it delivers

Oversight of cloud security risk posture
Simplifies and provides context-based cloud security assessment and compliance
Governance over identity and entitlement

Key features

  • PInventory of cloud assets
  • PCloud best practice reports
  • PCompliance reports
  • PReal-time threat detection and response
  • PCloud best practice reports
  • PPlaybooks
  • PIAM governance Inventory of identities
  • PProfiles and risk scores users
  • PCustom policies
  • PDetects and flags activity
  • PBehaviour analysis
  • PRCA
  • PReporting


One-off assessment that gives a complete instant view of the state of your security in the cloud
A unified approach to multi-cloud security issues
Deals with the issue of misconfiguration, which is the number one cause of cloud security failures.

Can cope with high log volumes.

Uses the CARTA approach.

Benefits from a unified approach

  • PCentralises multi-cloud security management
  • PProvides visibility of all cloud assets, identities, and entities
  • PMitigates the risk of misconfiguration and privilege creep and associated exploits
  • PMakes it easier to create security policies, put in place policy guard rails and ensure compliance with security standards
  • PEnsures risks are assessed using wider context parameters and against the NIST CVSS framework to focus alert response
  • PAutomates incident response and remediation
  • POngoing assessment of the security posture of the business resulting in compliance and executive reports
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C3M Assessment

Assessment as a Service. Gain visibility of your security posture

C3M Cloud Control

Improve visibility and management of the multi-cloud