We partner with Cribl to help you effectively route, reduce and transform your data to meet your specific business needs, driving new efficiencies.

All of your Observability Data. All under Control.
All under Budget.

The explosion in data has seen businesses struggle to manage the volumes and costs involved while at the same time battling to shorten time to insight.

Cloud-based data analytics platforms are helping but as data grows, storage and licencing costs are proving hard to justify. Businesses need to analyse but also archive and readily retrieve data and they need to avoid vendor lock-in, in order to access other tools and technologies.

Having full visibility or observability across your data is critical to be able to achieve all of this and get the most from your data analytics platform investment. Cribl Stream is an Event Stream Processor (ESP) that allows you to more effectively manage your data, reducing the storage and processing required and in turn the associated cost.

Stream allows you to implement an observability pipeline helping you parse, restructure and enrich data in flight – ensuring that you get the right data, where you want it, in the formats you need.

All of your
Observability Data.
All under Control.
All under Budget.

Benefits of using Stream

Cribl Stream is the leading Event Stream Processor on on the market today. It uses existing agents (where available), streamlines the data and reshapes it before sending it on to multiple destinations. Combine all data pipelines under one observability tool to parse, restructure and enrich your data, in flight before you pay to analyse it – shrinking consumption costs.

Cost Reduction

Reduce log data by 30% or more to dramatically reduce your license, storage and infrastructure costs.

Complete Control of your Data

All machine data, in any format, to any data store. As data volumes continue to grow, we give you control to choose the right data sources and the best tools to get the answers you need.

Platform Independence

Route to multiple destinations without having to install new agents or collectors with a vendor-agnostic solution that gives you flexibility with the vendors that are right for you.

Improved time to insight

Centralize forwarding of all machine data to be shaped, enriched and ready for analysis. Filter out data with little analytical value so you focus on insightful data you can use.

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