4Data Solutions partners with Ermetic, providers of holistic protection for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Secure Your Cloud. Identity First.

Ermetic is a comprehensive Cloud Security Solution that provides cross cloud visibility, risk assessment, prioritisation and remediation, anomaly detection and compliance.

Holistic protection
for AWS, Azure
and Google Cloud.

An Introduction to Cloud Security

The rapid speed of cloud adoption has left 62% of organisations feeling unconfident about their security posture. Security teams are struggling to get complete visibility into the cloud infrastructure, leaving gaps and blind spots in their security posture.

Watch 4Data and Ermetic’s latest fireside chat to better understand the main challenges around cloud security, where the responsibility for cloud security lies and how to differentiate between the different cloud security solutions available today.

The Ermetic solution enables you to continuously protect
AWS, Azure and GCP

Get Deep Multi Cloud Visibility

Manage all identities and resources in one platform. Investigate permissions, configurations and relationships.

Understand the Attack Surface

Assess & prioritise risk across human and service identities, network configuration, data and compute resources.

Automate Remediation

Mitigate risky privileges and faulty configurations through integration with ticketing, CI/CD pipelines, and IaC.

Enforce Policies and Shift Left

Define and enforce automated guardrails for access permissions and resource configuration, from dev to production.

Detect Anomalies

Detect suspicious behaviour and configuration changes with continuous behavioural analytics and alerts.

Comply with Standards

Audit inventory and ensure compliance with GDPR, NIST, PCI DSS, ISO, Cyber Essentials and more.

CIEM & CSPM in One Platform

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 75% of security failures will be the result of mismanaged identities and entitlements. That’s why Ermetic provides the deepest solution for securing human and service identities in AWS, Azure and GCP – along with robust security posture management for all cloud resources.


A Secure Cloud Starts
with Ermetic

If you are like many, cloud infrastructure is your new data centre. It is also an attacker’s playground. To protect it, you must reduce your attack surface and blast radius. Doing so requires knowing: Who can access your data? The thousands of services, configurations, identities and policies determining access make it difficult to see into your cloud, let alone control it.

Enter identity first cloud infrastructure security – the only effective way to understand and smartly secure your AWS, Azure and GCP environments. Ermetic provides a holistic solution from asset management through anomaly detection and compliance that enables Security and DevOps teams to work together seamlessly. See and mitigate the toxic scenarios that put your data at risk and enforce least privilege – improving your cloud security posture and maturity.

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