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Unveiling the Trends Shaping 2024
  • Download this new whitepaper to learn from Cribl’s data experts as they weigh in on the key trends and predictions shaping 2024.
  • E 2023: Expectations vs. Reality - Uncover last year's industry shifts.
  • EVendor Dynamics & Economic Trends - How will they reshape your tech strategies?
  • EData Regulations & Compliance - Essential insights for your data's future.
  • EData Asset Management - It's time to solidify your data strategy!

Strengthen your cloud security framework

  • Tenable’s new ebook - '7 Steps to Harden Cloud Security Posture and Prevent Breaches' – is all about strengthening your cloud security framework.
  • Download the ebook here to learn:
  • EA pragmatic approach to industrialise cloud security and prevent breaches
  • EInsights into high-profile breaches and how they could have been prevented
  • EMaking sense of security-tool acronym soup, and what to adopt when and why
  • EKey indicators and considerations to measure the success of your security program

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The crucial role of identity in cloud security

As more and more businesses turn to cloud computing, it is increasingly important to understand the role of identity in cloud security. In this blog, we will explore why identity is crucial in cloud security and what measures businesses can take to strengthen their...

Choosing the right partner to maximise your Splunk ROI

In the second of this two-part blog series, Ian Tinney looks at why choosing the right partner can make all the difference when deploying high value data analytics solutions like Splunk, and explains why having a knowledgeable and experienced Splunk consulting team...

Introducing Cribl Stream Projects: the self-service approach to Cribl Stream data

In our latest blog, Chris Chantrey, Cribl Practice Lead for 4Data's Cribl team, highlights the features and benefits of Cribl Stream Projects in making data available to different personas in a safe and reliable manner.   What is Cribl Stream Projects? Cribl...

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