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Learn more about adaptive, real-time threat intelligence

Rising cybersecurity threats demand a bold new actionable approach that allows you to adapt in real-time, using intelligence proactively.

Download this white paper from Centripetal to learn why the traditional approach isn’t working against today’s threats and how Adaptive, Real-Time Threat Intelligence (ART) can help organisations detect and mitigate threats earlier, reducing the burden downstream and strengthening security across the enterprise.

A helpful guide to your Splunk investment

  • Having worked at the top end of Splunk Professional Services since 2008, 4Data has put together this practical guide to help maximise your Splunk investment.
  • Download the guide here to learn:
  • EWhy going it alone with Splunk isn’t the right answer
  • EWhat to look for when choosing a Splunk Professional Services Partner
  • EHow our Splunk consultancy approach ensures Splunk adds defined business value and supports your key drivers and outcomes

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4Data partners with CrowdStrike and Ignition to bring AI-powered cybersecurity to our UK customers

With the speed and ferocity of cyberattacks continuing to accelerate, the rise of generative AI has the potential to lower the barrier of entry for low-skilled adversaries, making it easier to launch more sophisticated attacks. As organisations increasingly move...

An overview of Tenable’s CIEM solution

Today, the public cloud has become the preferred way of doing business, which is causing challenges for security teams, as public cloud environments often create many access entitlements and associated vulnerabilities. In the latest blog in our cloud security series,...

Solving cloud security challenges with CIEM

With the increasing adoption of cloud computing, organisations face numerous challenges in ensuring the security of their cloud environments. Cloud Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS and PaaS) providers offer built-in security measures, but organisations...

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