We partner with Logsign to help our customers gain comprehensive visibility and control of their data and then automate & orchestrate detection and response of issues for a reduced MTTR and improved efficiency.

Take your security operations to the next level

Do any of these problems sound familiar to you?

Our customers tell us that they are looking for something to replace their SIEM. When we ask what is wrong with their current SIEM, we hear the same answers over and again:

Alert Fatigue:  as the number of entities and types of attack increase, so do the number alerts that a security analyst has to deal with.  Being shown a thousand alerts that require investigating is not helpful to an analyst, it is demoralising.

MTTD/MTTR:  this problem of scale also contributes to very long MTTD/MTTR.

Integration:  a lack of integration to the many security-based point-solutions means having to use many different tools to analyse issues.

Complexity:  some of the leading SIEM solutions are far too complicated to use, and so only a small number of staff are getting value out of them.  This leads to a poor RoI.

Cost:  the costs only ever increase and eventually become punitive, forcing customers to look elsewhere

Comprehensive visibility
Control of your data
Reduced MTTR
Improved workforce efficiency

Move your Security Operations to the next level with Logsign SIEM & SOAR.

Invest in Logsign’s, award-winning, Next-Gen SIEM and SOAR technologies and achieve a secure and compliant environment.

Simple:  Logsign is easy to install and to use. The skills required to get value out of it are much lower than with other SIEMS. This leads to a demonstrable RoI and greatly reduced MTTD/MTTR.

Value:  The “time to value” is much shorter, because customers get valuable, actionable insights immediately.

Integration:  There are hundreds of integrations for both Logsign SIEM and SOAR.

Cost:  The pricing is fair and does not become punitive, meaning customers are far more likely to stick with their investment.

Logsign Next-Gen SIEM

Complete oversight of your data with Logsign SIEM. Collect any data, detect the unknowns, and minimize the noise.


Any Source, Any Data, Any Time

Quickly ingest any data from any source with Logsign SIEM’s Next-Gen architecture. It is designed for scaling, with unlimited data collection and storage. Built-in integrations and free plugin services enable you to create your own data lake.


Detect any data leakage and complicated threats with minimum noise

Search, correlate and enrich your data. Investigate and detect by using both rules and behaviours. Get state-of-the-art visualisations quickly.


Eradicate threats, minimise response times

Easily safeguard your data and prevent lateral movements. Logsign SIEM reduces false-positives and responds to cyberthreats faster. It provides semi-automated and automated responses on security devices. 

Logsign SOAR

Brings together technology, people and processes to leverage your security operations. No more catastrophic noise, no more overwhelmed analysts.


Working across hundreds of tools in a SOC and managing them are only available with seamless integrations. Logsign SOAR’s free plugin services and wide range of built-in integrations empowers your security team.

Automation & Orchestration

SOAR solutions have a force multiplier effect on your security teams. You can automate investigation, detection and response processes with built-in bots and playbooks. Orchestration minimises detection and response times and facilitates knowledge sharing.


Accelerated incident response is only available with a well-designed SOAR platform. In addition to automated detection and response, security analysts focus on complicated, highly critical threats and response manually when needed. Logsign SOAR is the leverage you need to improve MTTD and MTTR

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