We have 15 years’ experience working with Splunk; building, deploying, maintaining and supporting Splunk implementations across the world.

Splunk Services from 4Data Solutions

At 4Data, we offer a full range of professional services for Splunk, delivered by a team of highly qualified and experienced experts who provide a customised service, ensuring Splunk environments are optimised to meet specific needs.

We offer SmartStore, Splunk Cloud, and Splunk Enterprise security consulting, as well as Splunk Healthcheck and implementation services. In addition, we also provide solutions for monitoring and observability through the use of Splunk Observability Cloud, a powerful product that delivers cloud-based monitoring and observability for IT operations.

Splunk Development Services

Splunk App Development

Create custom Splunk apps by harnessing powerful built-in features, tailored to meet your unique business needs. Efficiently display data using visually engaging Splunk dashboards and data visualisations.

Custom App Development

Design versatile custom Splunk apps with features like modular inputs, scripted inputs, JavaScript-based UI enhancements, and Python custom commands to address demanding enterprise requirements.

Splunk Services

Monitoring and Analysis Services

Splunk Dashboard Development and Optimisation

Developing and optimising Splunk dashboards for monitoring, analysis and performance
Splunk Enterprise Health Check
Assessing the health of a Splunk Enterprise deployment and providing recommendations for improvement within a concise report
Splunk Cloud Migration Assessment
Assessing the feasibility and cost of migrating to Splunk Cloud
Splunk ITSI Implementation and Workshops
Implementing Splunk IT Service Intelligence for monitoring and analysing IT services, and providing use case workshops

Deployment and Migration Services

Splunk Cloud Deployments

Deploying and working on Splunk in the cloud

Splunk Observability Cloud

Delivering cloud-based monitoring and observability platform for IT operations

Splunk Enterprise SmartStore Sizing and Implementation

Sizing SmartStore appliances and related components, and implementing SmartStore including related tasks

Splunk Enterprise Large Scale Deployments

Deploying and managing Splunk Enterprise at scale

Splunk Cloud Migrations

Migrating on-premises Splunk deployments to Splunk Cloud

Implementation and Consulting Services

Splunk Enterprise Consulting

Providing consulting services for optimising Splunk Enterprise deployments

Splunk Enterprise Security Implementation and Use Case Development

Implementing Splunk Enterprise Security for detecting and responding to security threats, and developing use cases tailored to customers’ specific needs

Splunk UBA Implementation and Workshops

Implementing user behavior analytics in Splunk for detecting insider threats, and providing a workshop to enable the right analytics, searches, and reports

Splunk SOAR Implementation and Playbook Development

Designing and implementing security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions in Splunk, and creating customised playbooks to automate security incident response processes

Splunk Consulting Team

Our team of consultants are experts in Splunk software and have extensive knowledge of the Splunk environment and its capabilities. They are equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to identify and address issues related to indexing, search performance, data volume, forwarder configuration, infrastructure, security, licensing, and optimisation.

The 4Data Splunk Health Assessment provides customers with recommendations for optimising the performance and health of their Splunk environment by identifying areas for improvement.

We help ensure our customers optimise the performance of their Splunk environment so that it meets their data and analytics needs, and so they can identify and address issues before they impact business operations or user experiences.

4Data Splunk Health Assessment

4Data is a Certified Splunk Global Professional Services Partner and we have worked with Splunk since its inception. The service covers several topics related to the Splunk environment, including:
  • EIndexing
  • ESearch performance
  • EData volume
  • EForwarder configuration
  • EInfrastructure
  • ESecurity
  • ELicensing

      Our consultants are trained by some of the most experienced and well-respected Splunk Professional Services (PS) consultants in the world. With this level of expertise, we are able to deliver the highest quality of service and provide our clients with the best possible experience.