The 4Data Approach to DESIGN

After all the exploration work has been undertaken in the Discover phase, we move to the Design phase.

We gather all the stakeholders who will be impacted by the Splunk implementation for a Design Workshop.

Design Workshop Stakeholders
The C-Suite
Stakeholders here include those focused on how the business is running, the overarching business drivers and outcomes. In larger organisations (and depending on the use case for Splunk), this may be Head of the SOC, CISO, Head of Monitoring, Chief Data Officer or Head of Business analytics or intelligence. In smaller businesses, this can be the CEO/CTO.
Stakeholders here are focused on operations and systems at a granular level and include those working on the network, operations, systems, storage, security and cloud aspects of the business.
Service Management
Stakeholders here include those interested in how services are performing and may include those working in Network or Systems Operations, Service Management and Intelligence (ITSI).

Service Management is often interested in collecting KPIs that help report on the overall health of a ‘service’ (beyond its individual component parts). For some customers, this evolves further into gathering business intelligence, whereby CXOs, including CEOs, are able to answer endless questions about how their business is performing.

We are highly experienced in working with all these stakeholders - we know the right questions to ask at every level in order to architect the best design of Splunk to meet all requirements.

Our Design Workshop

During the workshop, we explore your goals, drivers and desired outcomes, where the data sits, why that data is important and what reports will help you achieve. We also explore alternative approaches with you to open up other potential ways of thinking and of achieving an even better result.

This is the difference between simple implementation of a point product and true consulting for the purpose of adding defined business value.

Given the diverse nature of the stakeholder set in most of our Design Workshops, it is our CEO Ian Tinney that takes the lead. We know you need to be confident that there is someone in the room that can communicate and handle every level of stakeholder or workshop participant, the points they may raise and the questions they may ask.