4Data brings together a team of technology experts who thrive on a challenge. We help you maximise value from your data by making it available, observable, secure and compliant.

4Data – Secure and get value from data

The data you hold across your business offers up countless opportunities; opportunities to improve efficiency, gather insight, plan new strategic approaches or positively impact productivity.

You may wish to understand buyer behaviours, find ways to improve the bottom line, look at how you could better differentiate your product offering, gather insight to improve your marketing and sales campaigns or access all of the detail you need for today’s tax reporting requirements.

For all of this, data observability is key.

Data Analytics

The business value of analysing your expanding data is in the insights you are able to gather relating to the problems that are occurring within systems and software, through the collection of wide ranging information.

At 4Data we offer two complementary solutions to help you get the most value from your data and meet your observability needs. Splunk, the world renowned data analytics platform, sits at the heart of 4Data where we offer our customers Splunk and Splunk Cloud along with our deep domain expertise via a team of highly qualified Splunk consultants.

Optimising value from data

Gleaning insights from data is undoubtedly of value to any organisation but data is exploding; how do you work out which data and how much of it to analyse right across your business at any given time? And how do you take the same data and use it for all of your differing requirements? Visibility of your data is critical; how to route it, reduce it and transform it to meet all of your needs, vital. Using Cribl LogStream alongside your data analysis platform you can achieve this effectively and efficiently.

Network Detection & Response

Too many Security Operations Centres (SOCs) are set up to fail. They are often not optimised in terms of the data they are collecting. Threats are increasing in number and complexity. SIEM technology is no longer enough on its own; it needs bolstering with EDR and NDR.

Network Detection and Response is all about protecting the data right across your network; from North to South (in and out of the organisation) and East to West (within your organisation).

Corelight is the gold standard NDR solution built over the last 25 years.

We offer Corelight as a standalone NDR solution or if you are finding full NDR security cost prohibitive due to the continuing data explosion, we combine it with Cribl LogStream to deliver a Data Distillation service, helping ensure that you can minimise security compromise and work towards making the SOC VT viable for your organisation.

Securing your Data

Data is of increasingly critical importance and value to every organisation. To optimise the value from data, you have to know that it is secure and that it is compliant with all relevant regulations.

Additionally, organisations are increasingly looking to the public cloud as the place to store, access and use their data and multi-cloud deployments are now far more common. But while the shift towards public cloud is gaining momentum and the business benefits of doing so are clear there are some major concerns around security and compliance that are slowing this shift down.

We offer market leading cloud native security solutions from C3M and Threatstatus.


Compliance essentially falls into three main categories; legal requirements (mandated by law), frameworks that you are expected to follow and best practice guidance.

Within data compliance this further divides into two broad categories – Security and protection from hacking by criminals and data privacy where you need to protect data from third party access in case of both potential criminal behaviour but more commonly where it might be used to sell other things people don’t want or need.

Our solution offering ensures that all of your data compliance needs are met, covering the legal and best practice requirements around:

  • GDPR
  • GOBD
  • GPG13
  • ISO27000
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (a.k.a. SOA or SOX)
  • Schrems II