Splunk Solutions and Splunk Implementation

The experts at 4Data have been deploying, maintaining and supporting Splunk solutions for over 15 years. We live and breathe it and have worked with organisations large and small across all key industry sectors. You are in safe hands.

Delivering and supporting Splunk’s
Unified security & observability platform

Through our Discovery, Design and Deliver approach we help our customers go from visibility to action, fast and at scale, enabling you to turn data into doing. Splunk’s data platform delivers unified security, full-stack observability and limitless custom applications.

Innovation is imperative and your systems need to be secure and resilient. These days it is critical to use your data to tackle your most important challenges, defend against threats and discover game changing opportunities.

Turn Data Into Doing
Powering Security,
IT and DevOps

Why choose 4Data for your Splunk implementation?

Aligned to the Splunk Market Proposition

Our Splunk product portfolio helps you go from visibility to action, fast and at scale.

Drive Resilience

Get real-time views of the health and performance of your entire tech stack so you can identify issues and fix them faster.

Enhance security

Protect proactively in the face of greater threat complexity and larger attack surfaces, with a security team of any size.

Unlock innovation

Act confidently on every insight, thanks to a contextual view of your data and integrated security and observability.

Splunk Product Offering

Security Solutions



Splunk Enterprise Security

Access data-driven insights, combat threats, protect your business and mitigate risk at scale through agile security analytics.

Splunk SOAR

Automates repetitive security tasks, responds to incidents in seconds. Increases productivity and accuracy.

Splunk Intelligence Management

Transform and curate data to make it actionable, break down data silos and improve cyber resilience and operational efficiency.

Splunk UBA
(User Behaviour Analytics)

Secure against unknown threats through user and entity behaviour analytics.

Splunk Security Essentials

Extend the power of Splunk Enterprise for enhanced, real-time security visibility and improved threat detection.

Observability Solutions



Splunk ITSI
(IT Service Intelligence)

Business & IT Service Monitoring to protect service-level agreements and monitor service health.

Splunk APM

End-to-end visibility to help modern enterprises pinpoint issues faster.

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Real time monitoring and troubleshooting to help you maximize infrastructure performance with complete visibility.

Splunk Log Observer

Investigate developer and SRE-oriented logs quickly to better understand application behaviour.

Splunk RUM
(Real User Monitoring)

End-to-end visibility helps you pinpoint customer-impacting issues from web browsers and native mobile apps to your backend services.

Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

Proactively find and fix performance issues across user flows, business transactions and APIs to deliver better digital experiences.

Splunk On-Call

Remediate issues faster, reduce on-call burnout and keep your services up and running.

4Data Solutions is a Splunk Reseller, Splunk Professional Services Partner and Splunk Cloud Migration Co-Delivery partner.

We offer complete support for your Splunk deployment whether helping you architect it for on-premises use or helping you with the set up and optimisation of your Splunk Cloud environment.